throw it on and go

I am at a loss for what to say about this outfit since it was simply a result of grabbing a few items in my closet and rushing out the door. Not much thought put into it.  I love these black jeans but unfortunately they have faded so they don't look as lovely as they once did. Tips for keeping black jeans nice and black?
Shirt: LOFT
Cardigan: The Limited
Pants: J.Crew "Matchstick" jeans
Shoes: Jessica Simpson "Calie"


  1. I use the special detergent for dark clothes:

    It won't work to make your current faded clothes dark, but it'll prevent further fading! It's all I use for my jeans and black shirts and so on.

  2. Try soaking them in white vinegar and water! This keeps dark jeans from fading and traps color (and especially keeping dyes off your skin!). You might have to soak them more than once, however. Try googling it for more info! :)

  3. Wash dark denim/twill inside out, reduces the friction. Makes a big difference!


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