You guys. I am the only person not paying attention to the World Cup.  But I do know that the USA is playing today, as evidenced by the fact that 99.9% of the people who work in my office are currently crammed into a conference room watching it.  Karen is, of course, watching in style from the classy joint downstairs in her building. 

Me? Oh, I am drafting discovery responses. Go 'Merica!

Sweater: J.Crew / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Banana Republic / Earrings: J.Crew Factory

Also, this is likely going to be my last post for the week, as I am off for a family vacation over the 4th of July (also my daughter's 2nd birthday - which by the way is an awesome birthday I've decided)... but might pop up on instagram



  1. Not watching either! Since everyone else in my office wasted at least 2 hours today watching it in the kitchen, I decided to leave early ;-). Have a great vacay!


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