Editor Chic Envy

So, I'm sure a lot of lady lawyers can relate to me on this one.  I dress for my job, because I have no choice.  And the workwear for this job is mostly suits, collared shirts, pencil skirts, and the occasional cardigan.  Always in high heels.  I admit, that ain't bad.

But -  I also "dress for the job I want to have," which is normally recited as the tried-and-true guideline for inevitable ascension of the corporate ladder.  I think the job I want to have - just like every other girl - is Anna Wintour's.  It's something I imagine as "editor chic," the kind of clothes you'd wear standing around an editorial office dissecting copy and layouts and making terribly important style decisions, and you know, just handling biz.  Like a boss.  But in like a casual, Kate Hepburn kind of way.

This skirt screamed editor chic to me, and so by mandate it had to be paired with a breathable, white collared shirt.  Also, I am addicted to these heels.  Also, I am apparently addicted to Zara.

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Zara
Heels: Zara
Clutch: (tucked behind) J.Crew


  1. This is a fabulous look - definitely "editor chic"!

  2. Thank you! I kinda wish I had popped the collar for the photo, which maybe would've been over the top, but would've make the cheap Forever 21 balance out the flounce of the skirt...



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