Work At Home Wear

Ordinarily I don't blog my "work-from-home" outfits because (1) they usually aren't so much "outfits" as they are "pajamas", and (2) this is a "work wear" blog, not a "work at home wear" blog.  However, we had a request for more weekend wear outfits on the blog (thanks to our joint post from Monday), and today I actually got dressed to go to my daughter's mid-day preschool graduation.  So here ya go!

This is a head to toe Target look (shocking, right?).... and also a head to toe cotton/jersey look. So basically pajamas that pass as clothes. Win.

Tank: Target
Skirt: Target
Flip Flops: (you guessed it...) Target


  1. But the real question is... what did Emi wear to graduation?

    1. Mags that IS way more interesting! She wore an H&M jersey dress in blue with gray high-top sneakers. because she's cool like dat.


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