Multipurpose Dress

Another day, another impulse-purchase-turned-closet-workhorse.

I bought this dress (which came with the belt) on a lark while wandering around in Southeast Portland last September (Portland, btw, I adore - went to college in Oregon and always feel I left a teeny bit of my heart in that gorgeous state).  Found it in a boutique called Twill.  I bought it because I thought it was comfy enough to wear on my weekend while on mommy duty, but also classic enough to wear to work.  Its the Multipurpose Dress - my favorite kind. And boy, was I right! I seriously wear this dress all the time.  I mostly wear it on the weekends when I need to look slightly nicer than usual but still want to be comfy.  However I did wear this exact outfit to work a few months back and failed to blog it so hey it didn't count!

Dress/Belt: Twill
Cardigan: LOFT
Shoes: Banana Republic


  1. Absolutely lovely. The neutral cardigan and pumps really make dress it up. I am never so lucky with my impulse buys! I now have an self-imposed embargo of at least a week on any purchase just to make sure I don't go by impulse.


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