Loose-Fit Mondays

It's just like old times - almost - where we used to see each other every day.  We were able to squeeze in a lunchtime meetup, a good time to commiserate over Mondays in general, and how we both opted for loose fits to feel comfy today.  Easing into the week.

Skirt: Merona for Target
Shoes: Target circa 2009 (knock offs of Seychelles 'gypsy')
Bag: The Limited (I stalked this bag for eons, and finally got it in store for $19 - amazing) 

Paloma says...

Normally I am a staunch believer in tucking shirts into pencil skirts - only because it creates a good silhouette and defines the waist.  Today, however... I don't know, I just felt like being a titch frumpy. Mondays, I guess. 

In other news - these shoes I have had for a zillion years and I'm amazed that they still get a lot of compliments (including from my lovely co-blogger)! They are a Target knock-off of the "Gypsy" sandal by Seychelles, and I love them because they are cute, different, and weirdly comfortable despite being super tall.  Anyway, they are unfortunately in terrible shape so I might have to start some ebay stalking.....

Dress: Calvin Klein
Sweater: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Zara
Bag: Clare Vivier 'Moyen'

Karen says...

This outfit simply doesn't photograph very well - and looking at it, just isn't one of my best.  Le sigh.  This dress is usually worn with a belt, which I forewent today in protest of Monday.  The shoes were sort of a no-brainer - and before I knew it, I had recreated the colors on my new Clare Vivier sample sale find, the coral-blue-tan Moyen messenger.  The difference with the sample sale version is that it is not lined inside - having visited the store last week, the retail versions are beautifully lined with chambray and other lovely fabrics.

I kind of look like the Romanian or Colombian flag.  Oh well, just in time for the World Cup.


  1. Paloma - I almost always have a sweater just like yours untucked with my pencil skirts, so don't feel too bad! I'm a lot more comfortable that way and that's just how it has to be, haha. Adore those shoes...I remember when they were in stores and I should have picked up a pair.

    Karen - I wore a dress Monday with a belt, and by about 8 AM I had removed the belt. Forget it, not on a Monday!


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