Last Call for June!

So, I've been very caught up in the World Cup (see super long post somewhere below), as well as neverending work tasks that keep me running around.  So, I have taken the pictures, come hell or high water, but will have to slowly do a series of retroactive posts.  In the meanwhile, here is today's effort to close out June and get back in the game!

Today's outfit is a straight rip from (gasp!) um, Kim Kardashian.  I would, like, never do this.  Except I saw this picture and instantly recognized, oh, I have stuff in all of those colors.  So, if you take out filling the outfit as if it were painted on, which Kim does quite well, and looks damn good doing, then I've very closely approximated it.

I actually have a BCBG bandage skirt that would have really nailed it, but it's just not appropriate for work.  So I suppose this is the loose and nearly baggy version of Kim K's Parisian chic.

Top: J.Crew
Skirt: Club Monaco
Shoes: KG Kurt Geiger