Four Stories About My Outfit

Today I present.... four stories about my outfit.  And another picture of the back of my office door - but from a different angle! You guys, things are getting crazy up in here.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Jeans: Red Engine / Cardigan: Stitch Fix
Necklace: Towne & Reese / Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens (Fredrica Sky High in "Nature")

(1) Last night as I picked out my clothes for today, I contemplated throwing this shirt into the goodwill pile.  I just feel like its too.... ruffly.  And I just never wear it.  But I decided to give it one last chance to win me over. And lo and behold, the first thing my husband said to me this morning when he saw me in it was "oh I love that shirt!"  Me: "Really? Why?"  Hub: "I don't know, I guess I just like the floofy part in the front."  Go figure.  Anyway, I guess that means its staying! When your husband specifically compliments an item of clothing, you wear it.  Rules of marriage, people!

(2) After pining over them for approximately 400 years, I finally got me some Swedish Hasbeens! I love love love love these shoes already and believe I will wear them to death. They are cute, go with everything and are shockingly comfortable. WIN.

(3) I bought this necklace from a cute jewelry boutique called Towne & Reese that I was introduced to by my old friend (aka not my friend at all but I watched her on TV and follow her on instagram so its like I know her, right?), Emily Maynard of the Bachelor/Bachelorette fame.  I have stalked T&R online for awhile, and finally pulled the trigger on a couple of necklaces which were on sale and all of which I love.  WIN AGAIN.

(4) Look! I have a pair of jeans that actually cost more than $40!

Feather necklace.....


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