This whole ensemble is straight out of 2008 for me. I wore both of these items on the regular back then.  This was a time when 'work wear' was still a bit foreign to me, and so I relied heavily on sensible sweaters and skirts/slacks in grays and blacks.  How appropriate that I actually had a lunch date today with my former secretary from back in those days.  She must think I have no new clothes! For shame!  OK, fine, she probably didn't even notice.

I'm just glad everything still (barely) fits.

Shirt: LOFT
Skirt: Kohl's
Shoes: Enzio Angiolini


  1. This is pretty much what I wore as a freshly-minted attorney in 2008, too. Except I rarely got bold enough even to wear such pink. My husband called my work wardrobe my "funeral garb."

    1. haha isn't it funny how scary it used to feel to branch out in any way?! Now I don't exactly push the envelope, but I certainly am not afraid of a red skirt or blue shoes!


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