Errand Gear

It's Friday, which means jeans.  It's also DMV appointment day, which means please-put-on-some-makeup-this-picture-is-going-to-have-to-last-another-five-years.

I also really wanted to wear my new Steve Madden leopard slip-ons, inspired by Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad.  Here are all the Steve Madden x The Blonde Salad shoes, including Chiara's version of my shoe, and here are the ones I got instead, for half the price.  I confess that I saw someone wearing them on the plane back from Aspen last week.  That trip was inspiring in so many ways.

The rest of the outfit is just comfy stuff - a too expensive Monrow tissue tee (I got on sale), a way too inexpensive pair of Zara jeans (that I also got on sale), and the trusty Rebecca Minkoff tote (that I - you guessed it, got on sale), all of which made for a super efficient metro ride to Grand Central Market for some Wexler's pastrami.  Oh yes, and I did get my licensed renewed, woohoo!

Errands all done.  Now back to work.

Tee: Monrow
Jeans: Zara Trafaluc (like these)
Shoes: Steve Madden 'Ecentric'
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 'M.A.B.'


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