East Side Adventure

Jamie needed to go to Clare Vivier, so right after work, we headed to Silver Lake.  And then we went to Clover and found jewelry and sunglasses.  And then I said, I think we should eat Hoy-Ka Noodles.  So I took us to what I thought was Hoy-Ka, but what in fact turned into Boran Thai.  The noodles were substantially similar - all that back alley Bangkok goodness.

And then, I had Jamie take my picture on Serrano and Hollywood.  Which, you know, is this mix of shady and historic - as evidenced by the dodgy exchange taking place behind me, as well as the Chateauesque architecture behind that.  Thanks, Jamie!

And I'm still in red, white, and blue!  Though it's more of an Argentina blue.

Tank: NSF (Ron Herman)
Skirt: L'Agence (another Ron Herman find)
Sweater: Forever 21
Clutch: Clare Vivier
Shoes: Halogen
Sunglasses: Clover