School Picture Day

Karen says...

Doesn't matter how old you get, or where you go to "school," I was on pins and needles last night thinking about getting my picture taken today for our firm website.  This isn't my first firm photo, and that's what created the anxiety.  I've practiced long enough to know that these firm website photos follow you around in life: the fact that, with a few keystrokes, Google serves this photo up as your calling card; and when prospective clients or litigation opponents want some advance intel, this is the mug they turn to.  With that in mind, I wanted to make sure I didn't roll in today with awful hair or Tammy Faye makeup.  Or worse - not enough hair or too little makeup!

A rather silly sentiment coming from someone who unabashedly has posted photos of her outfits every single day for a year and a half.  But, my friends, this blog is different.  This isn't really Googleable or aligned with my professional presence.  This is tongue-in-cheek fun in the blogosphere!

The official photo I took has me wearing a gray suit jacket, but this blouse and these pearls, indeed.  I changed afterward into another Stitch Fix delivery (the cardy), and a skirt and shoes more befitting my work persona.  Later, I participated in some "random" firm shots in this outfit.  You know, walking down the hall chatting about legal theory, or seated on a couch reading some legal documents.  As we do.

Final note: as much as Stitch Fix only sent me some basics this time, they knocked it out of the park where fit and comfort are concerned.  Final final note: it seems I'm very into contrast tri-color combos lately.

Blouse: Theory
Cardigan: Pomelo "Martina" by Stitch Fix
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Barneys Co-Op
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.


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