Monday, April 7, 2014

Power Suited

Paloma says...

Shout out again to MK at the Outfit Posts blog for featuring our little blog on her own ALL WEEK! So flattering. Especially from someone with a fashion sense we have long admired. :)  Can't wait to see your interpretations of our outfits!

Today I am boring in a suit - had a court appearance this morning and meeting with a witness this afternoon so left the suit on even though usually I ditch the jacket in favor of a cardigan or something.  Feeling all the more powerful today because of it. OK, not really.

T-Shirt: The Limited (same but scoop neck) / Suit: The Limited (jacket) (skirt)
Shoes: Nine West / Necklace: Target

Another note on suits - before I became a lawyer, I always assumed that suits were worn one way only - with a button-down blouse underneath.  Basically, like a guy.  The truth is, us ladies are far luckier than the boys because we can wear our suits with just about anything  underneath. I mean, obvs I am not suggesting you wear only a lacy bralette under your jacket (though Zoe Hart totally would - but she also wears stilettos and short-shorts to work as a doctor), but a comfy tee? Absolutely. Today I've got this great one from The Limited, which is super soft, super comfy, and in a great color.

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  1. Agreed. It's amazing how quickly a tailored suit jacket or blazer can dress up a top. Learning this has been key in expanding my wardrobe options :)