Paloma's April 2014 Purchases

Paloma says...

So I am working from home today, which means my outfit is sweatpants. Not interesting.
Instead, I thought I would do a post showing what I bought this month.  I always love these posts on other blogs, because I love to see how people stretch their buck and build their wardrobes.  Also, I think its a good way to hold myself accountable as to where the $$ goes!

BTW, I really meant to do this at the end of the month, but since I have no outfit to post today, and since I have told myself NO MORE SHOPPING for the month, I'm doing this a bit early.

April 2014 Purchases

So, clearly this month I went for BASICS.
Gap Essential tanks - I needed basic camisoles that I could wear under cardigans and also on the weekend sans sweater. These fit the bill perfectly.  Plus, I got them on sale! {originally $15.00 each/bought with promo code for $11.50 each}
Ann Taylor Windowpane Slim Ankle Pants - I've been wanting printed pants for awhile now and I love the windowpane print.  I haven't tried these on yet (bought online) so I have my fingers crossed they will fit perfectly! {originally $89.00/bought with promo code for $47.99}
Gap classic ballet flats - How these didn't enter my wardrobe earlier in my life is insane. Perfect. Shoe.  {originally $39.95/bought with promo code for $27.95}

Nine West Flax pumps (via ebay!) - a good pair of black pumps is clearly a MUST in my profession.  I wear them to death.  So much so that I plow through a pair every year.  This is my newest pair and I was pumped to find them at a deep discount on ebay - and brand new, too! {$75.00 new/bought on ebay for $42.00!}
J.Crew Ruched Wrap Tank (I actually got this in black) - I have needed a good classic black bathing suit for just about forever.  Since a mini vacation to Palm Springs is in my near future, now was the time! And I even bought it full price! gasp. However, J.Crew swimsuits last forever, as I still have ones from high school in perfect condition.  I just don't wear them since my body is no longer in perfect condition and they are itty bitty.  {$89.00}
Total spent in April - $229.94 {this is actually WAY more than I usually spend per month, actually. But I also rarely buy a $90 swimsuit, sometimes you've just gotta splurge!}


  1. Really like those trousers! Will look great with a nice pair of pumps, maybe bright ones :)


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