Inside/Outside, Office Edition

Karen says...

Big sigh.  I wore a number of outfits in the last two weeks with the intention of posting.  But alas, the busy work days swallowed me whole.  It's a little weird, too, asking your boss or your client to wait a minute while you selfie your outfit.

My co-workers and I went for day two of pastrami heaven at the Ugly Drum pop-up at Mendocino Farms.  I guess that's a plug.  My pal is one half of the Ugly Drum duo, so we had gone yesterday on their limited engagement, and today we hauled our other co-worker over.  OH: "It's like Bludso's and Langer's had a love child."  A happy meal, all around.

After lunch, I implored my co-workers to take a blog photo for me.  They looked at each other with the weight of unwanted responsibility.  Then Vi punted to Steve, "I'm sick, I can't."  Steve didn't look like he believed her, and then lazily snapped a series of unusable shots.  Anyway, I found one from the pack and then completed the set here in my office, for a compendium of the inside/outside office looks.

I know they mean well, and want to help.  But that is why I miss Paloma.

Shirt: Joie
Sweater: Madewell
Pants: ASOS
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Cole Haan