Stitch Fixed part deux

Paloma says...

Featuring a piece from my recent Stitch Fix today - this is actually the second time I wore this shirt but I didn't blog it last time.

I definitely love this shirt, but the pictures here definitely don't do it justice. Its got hidden buttons and a fun pattern, with a fishtail hem so it looks great un-tucked.  Its something I would never have picked for myself, which is exactly why I tried Stitch Fix in the first place!  In fact, everything I got in my "fix" I LOVED (two pairs of jeans, three shirts) but most of the sizes were too big, so I only kept two tops.  And there is no exchanging for a different size -- if you don't like it, you return it. The end. At first this bummed me out, but I think my wallet was happy about it. Just make sure you change your sizing if necessary for your next "fix"! 

Shirt: Stitch Fix / Jeans: J.Crew / Cardigan: J.Crew / Shoes: Target

I am getting another "fix" in May - will post a full review!