Best Jeans Ever

Paloma says...

Work is busy as hell and today I was tempted not to blog - in large part because this outfit is FAR from interesting or even really cute.  But, my beloved Maggie has not forgotten my promise, over a month ago, to feature The Best Jeans Ever (a.k.a. J.Crew's "Matchstick" jeans) here on the blog.

So - without further ado...

Shirt: The Limited / Jeans: J.Crew / Shoes: Banana Republic /
Cardigan: Target / Necklace: Urban Oufitters

Truth be told, as much as I love these jeans, I do wish they were a smidge shorter.  I love the straight (as opposed to skinny) fit, but don't like the bunching at the ankles.


  1. Hi Paloma & Karen,

    I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I love your blog! You wear so many cute office outfits that are exactly my style! I love all the inspiration I get browsing your site.

    I actually used Paloma's outfit from December 12th as the inspiration photo for my outfit on my blog today! If you're interested in seeing how it turned out:

    (Please let me know if you'd prefer I didn't use you as inspiration - don't want to step on any toes!)

    Again, love your site!


    1. MK! Thank you so much for the shout-out! I'm a long time fan of yours, so am very humbled and grateful for the recognition! You rock! :) Still can't believe anyone other than our close friends and family even reads our little blog. haha! - Paloma

  2. Hi MK!

    Your outfit is impeccable! Thanks for saying hello and I think we are both so humbled that you drop by now and again! Will really love checking out your site and cribbing your ideas as well! :-)

    Dressing for work is probably the best part of... well, work. So glad that we're all in this together!


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