Karen says...

Not doing too well lately with the blogging and the selfies.  I actually still dress as if I might post my outfit but when the day drags on, I'm like, oh, hey, never mind.  I think about my tired face forcing a smile and I lose motivation.  And then I go on our blog and see that Paloma, across town, is keeping at it in full sartorial force, and I am inspired again.

Well, that said, I selfied it up here in my tiny law cell, and with limited angles, I could only eek out these awkward poses.  But enjoy!  They are filtered and high-deffed to make the most of a rainy day indoor situation.

Blouse: Halogen / Skirt: Joie / Pearls: Principessa Venice
Shoes (not pictured): Zara / Headband: L. Erickson

And because of my inconsistent blogging of late, here's my addendum from this past weekend, on a day when I'm hanging outdoors for a change.  Not workwear at all, but what this worker likes to wear.  Photo courtesy of my wonderful friend Emily.

T-shirt: Nordstrom / Cardigan: Forever 21 / Pants: Current/Elliott / Boots: Zara