Bloggable Black

Karen says...

Meanwhile, across town...

Shirt: Balenciaga / Skirt: Erin Featherston for Target / Tights: Banana Republic

Very impressed with Paloma's ability to get a comprehensive selfy like that, I mean it's not just the miracle of TimerCam but also finding the right levels to prop your phone up, get the right angle... sigh.  I won't belabor the point, but I miss our easy co-photographer days.

However, this was a very bloggable outfit because it was just randomly sourced black layers, a go-to concept I love.  The details, like the knit of the sweater, the satin texture of the skirt, and the Swiss dots on the tights, are not discernible from this murky photo.  It was topped with a Banana Republic sweater and the usual Zara boots, but this is the basic, with my favorite fit Balenciaga sweater bought on consignment.  Note: I love anchors.

Oh yes, and the cropped hair!  Chopped it all off.  Had to do it.