Trying Something New

It's Friday, ever the day to try something new.

T-shirt: Gift / Shirt: Maison Scotch / Jeans: Mother / Boots: Zara

Karen says...

These jeans do not look quite the way they ought to in photos, just a bit more purple or garish than they are in real life.  And yet, yesterday I was complaining that my pants were not blue enough for the photo.  Perhaps I should just accept that this is a weird outfit.

But it really isn't.  It's looks laid back and eclectic, but I can't get over how it just doesn't come across in the photo.  That's what I get for trying something new.  

The shirt beneath, by the way, is an absolute favorite: I Heart Astoria.  I still do!

Shirt: Old Navy / Jacket: The Limited / Jeans: Gap / Necklace: The Limited / Booties: Sole Society

Paloma says...

I finally succumbed to the booties!  And I think I like them.  The key is to cuff my jeans above the booties, not tuck into the booties.  I think that helps.  And I think I need to type booties one more time.

Feeling great today since it's casual Friday, there is a weekend ahead, and a short week after that.  Love!  Happy Holidays!