One Year Today!

Blogversary!  We have successfuly blogged our outfits for one full year, which was the goal come rain, shine, bad hair day, ugly outfit, whatever.  To commemorate, we have recreated our (almost) first and favorite post of December 31, 2012.

Paloma says...

One whole year! Wow, I really can't believe we made it this far into this blogging adventure.  But I have seriously loved it, even when at times it felt downright tedious.  Because the truth is, it's fun to have a reason to get dressed up everyday.  And I can honestly say that I can see how my style has evolved over the year - it's fun to really see it all in one place.  I was looking back at some pictures from January 2013 and had to laugh because there are some things I wore that I would never wear now.  Like, OMG, I cannot believe I wore the heinous Target boots in this post for as long as I did!

But anyway, more than that this blog has been a wonderful way to stay connected with my beloved Karen on a daily basis, even though our jobs tore us apart.  Looking forward to re-vamping the blog in the new year, and hoping it will be even better in 2014!

Paloma is wearing...

Cardigan: J.Crew
Blouse: Express
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Banana Republic

Karen says...

OK, so last week was a Christmas tragedy because we were too busy with work and the holidays to get any worthwhile outfit there.  But of course we would not miss today, the one-year anniversary of this joke turned project turned blog turned whatever.  It all started a year ago when...

Paloma and I would pop into each other's offices a gazillion times a day just talking about clothes, Bravo TV, and general tomfoolery.  We would invariably discuss each other's outfits and talk about styles and looks that interested us.  In fact, we seldom looked at actual fashion blogs.  One day, after all of the sartorial discussion, I jokingly said, "OK, I'm going to start blogging what we wear," meant to just be a daily catalog of everything we were dissecting to bits.  It took about three minutes to start a blog.  Of course, a couple of days turned into a week, turned into months, until we realized it would be fun to go the whole working year.  And then it made sense to have bigger photos.  And it made sense to cut out the chatter and go straight to the pictures.  And one tireless year later, here we are.

It's hilarious to see all the hits and misses across the year.  In the year 2033, I will access this page again from the microchip or whatever we all use for information and roll my eyes at some of my attempts at looking fashionable.

Karen is wearing...

Camisole: Topshop
Dress: Etoile Isabel Marant
Boots: Zara
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Until the far off future, here's what we have for now:

left: December 31, 2012 / right: December 30, 2013

left: December 31, 2012 / right: December 30, 2013