Do Not Disturb

Selfies in progress.

Shirt: Theory / Pants: ASOS / Shoes: Michael Kors

Karen says...

Um, yeah, that's my big ol' face with makeup smearing from a long day of deposition-taking.  We have been so good this week about getting photos that I couldn't drop the ball now.  Plus, I love this blouse, though this picture does it no justice at all.  It is part of the Black Friday Bonanza I have spoken of from Neiman Marcus.

Hair up today, in an attempt at looking tough and/or polished and/or prepared.  Which I, er, always am.  And never am.  Also have found that the winter months make this window the best mirror ever, particularly when you throw a lightening filter in the mix.  I'm sorry, Wednesday Outfit.  You deserved more than this today. 

Sweater: The Limited / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Earrings: Banana Republic

Paloma says...

Although it's sad to go back to taking pictures behind my door after two days of pictures with Karen, I did make a discovery on my phone that seems to have made my pictures come out a better quality... or at least they look better to me.  So that's exciting.

Otherwise, head to toe in The Limited again today. This sweater was another crazy clearance purchase and I really like it because it's a nice weight and it's crazy comfy.  Also happy this skirt  - which I haven't worn in eons - actually fits better than it did when I last wore it (and had the zipper halfway undone but hidden under my shirt).

But I will say I'm realizing that my penchant for black/white/red/stripes is pretty strong...


  1. I'm going through our old posts today and just want to say, I love this outfit on you, Paloma! Hehe!



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