Bundled Up

It's really cold in these parts.  For LA, this mid-50's stuff is really unreasonable.

Coat: Old Navy / Shirt: Old Navy / Cardigan: Martin + Osa / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Target
Earrings: J.Crew Factory / Necklace: Forever 21

Paloma says...

Another day of layers and a coat.  But my blogging stylists convinced me the outfit looked better with coat, so here we go.

Under the coat, there are fun layers of color, including a yellow patterned shirt and a burgundy cardigan.  And of course, more Exact Stretch pants that I love eternally.

Turtleneck: Banana Republic / Skirt: Madewell / Shoes: The Limited / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Coat: H&M

Karen says...

I wore a version of this outfit a couple of weeks ago, with another H&M jacket, another pair of nude heels, another black shirt.  But the outfit is essentially the same. 

I've had this awesome H&M coat for a few months, and now it's cold enough to wear it.  It was inexpensive, and everybody likes it.  And lately, I've been very into the all-black.

I guess this is all for now.