The Tall and the Short of It

Fun with new apps today!  And pretty necklaces and dresses.

Dress: J.Crew / Sweater: J.Crew / Neckace: Forever 21 / Shoes: Target

This dress is everything.  It's so darn cute, comfortable, flattering, etc.  But.  Methinks it's too short for work.  :-(  Damn the plight of the tall girl.  On a related note, my mom (who is 5'11") told me when I was a teenager that our fashion burden as tall women (I'm only 5'8", but still) is that we can't wear super flashy outfits because big flashy outfits look too big and too flashy on a taller woman, which is a larger canvas, so to speak.

Anyway, I had black pumps on with this, but somehow while strolling around the office this morning I felt too... inappropriate.  Like I was dressed for da clubz instead of for sitting at my computer drafting responses to interrogatories.  So I switched to the flats I stash under my desk and suddenly feel a lot more respectable. And short.

Dress: Cotton + Candy / Tights: HUE / Jacket: Zara / Boots: Zara / Necklace: The Limited

Let me share with you the plight of the short girl.  No matter how skinny you are, no matter how high a heel you're wearing, you always feel like a chubby troll.  Am I exaggerating?  Yes, but not much.

Thus, the short girl loves short, flouncy dresses, and loves wearing it with a high, stacked heel.  My dream look - as I've shared with Paloma many times - is to have a tiny body with a huge head of hair and high, clunky shoes.  But, like fabulous platforms, not stripper things.  It sounds silly, but I think she gets it.  

If only Paloma and I could switch for a day.  I would love to feel effortlessly glamorous in an understated tall girl look, a la Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.  ("What would CBK do?")  And I'm sure Paloma would have fun running around with big hair and loud jewelry, like a tiny Dolly Parton.  

In the meanwhile, we know our looks, and we're stickin' to 'em.


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