Single Lady

Single ladies are doing it for themselves!  Blogging, that is.  Paloma is having a nutso day, so Karen goes it on her own.  We miss Paloma!  We want Paloma!

Dress: Joie / Belt: Cole Haan / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini / Necklace: Scotch & Soda

Karen says...

Woot!  Lots of color today.  Methinks it's time for a new pair of blue suede shoes.  These lovelies have served me well in the last two years, and I love them to death, so it's time to bring another pair into the rotation before I wear these out.

The dress is another find from the sample sale.  So much of what I find there are impulse buys, because you have a limited opportunity to pile a bunch of crap in your arms, bring it back to a slipshod changing area held up by bedsheets doubling as makeshift doors, frantically slip in and out of the different articles of clothing while angling your way into a sliver of a mirror to see if it will work - with about forty other ladies crowding around you, in the same melee.  Given this careful, methodical process of decison-making, one ends up buying whatever and hoping later it's a win.

This dress?  It's a win!