Friday and Other Trivialities

Just cannot say enough about how great it is to see each other for lunch and a photo!

Dress: Theory / Jacket: Theory / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Mulberry

Karen says...

Oh, why, why, why must all my court appearances happen on casual Fridays?  I was a few minutes late running out the door this morning because I had to pack my "after court/work" casual outfit, so much can I not stand the thought of going all day in a lady monkey suit.  These are separates, obviously, as you can see from the slightly off shades.  Once upon a time, I was rather petite girl who only wore Theory.  These days, I am a normal-sized girl who sometimes squeezes into old Theory separates.  Theory pieces are amazing - that stand the test of time, as long as they still fit.

Love getting to see Paloma!  Adore seeing her in the Beirut t-shirt!

Cardigan: J.Crew / Shirt: Beirut concert tee from Karen / Jeans: LOFT / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Earrings: bridesmaid gift

Paloma says...

Sporting a birthday gift from my beloved Karen today!  She got me this t-shirt for a band I adore called Beirut after she went to their show.  The lead singer is from my hometown of Santa Fe, and before they made it big, the band used to play at functions for my husband's theatre company out of Albuquerque.  Anyway, Karen was so sweet to get me this shirt, to compensate for the fact that I am not exactly in the concert-going phase of my life these days. :)

I have worn this shirt a few times on the weekends since she gave it to me, but this is the first time I've gotten to dress it up for work a bit - slap on some heels and a cardigan and call it Casual Friday!