Comfy Means Productive

Business as usual, fashion creativity suffering a bit as we continue to be busy working bees.

Sweater: Banana Republic / Shirt: The Limited / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Nine West / Earrings: Mod Cloth

Paloma says...

So, after falling off the blog wagon for the last two days, I'm back in the office and in my finest work wear! OK... so, this definitely doesn't qualify as my "finest," but it's not sweatpants and slippers so it counts. 

As fall descends upon us (though you wouldn't know it - temperatures sway from 60 to 90 on a daily basis), I find myself reaching for pants more frequently.  This morning I pulled these out and was thrilled because I had seriously forgotten that I had gray "exact stretch" pants (the best budget work pants, in my humble opinion - sturdy, cute, comfortable).  I threw on this little basic ensemble and went about my day only to realize shortly thereafter that these are my post-pregnancy pants and thus 2 sizes larger than I usually wear.  No wonder I look like I'm wearing a sack of potatoes! Guess I need to buy more!

Sweatshirt: Stateside / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Michael Kors / Necklace: H&M

Karen says...

More shots from the single girl's lair.  I actually did not intend to wear this sweatshirt at work all day - but I did.  I had on a purple cami underneath, topped with a cream boucle jacket - but it was oh-so-luxurious to work peacefully in my office in this comfy sweatshirt.  To that defense, the sweatshirt is kind of a fancy fitted one from Ron Herman.  My co-worker Vi commented on that, "you could tell," she said, that it wasn't a standard schlubby one.

On that note, I do love the look of a casual sweatshirt or tee with a fancy necklace and jeans.  I like to think that this is along those lines, but as a low-key work look.