What We Wore on Thursday, Sorta

Chaos continues in the worlds of these two lady lawyers.  Karen was out of the office in a deposition, and Paloma was out of the office in her sweats.  But we both looked good doing it.

Peplum Top: Banana Republic / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Michael Kors / Necklace: J.Crew Factory

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Nine
Karen says...

It's gettin' kinda hectic all up in here.  I had a few free moments at the start of the week, but they disappeared along with my sanity right around Wednesday.  Thursday was another deposition in Orange County situation, an exhausting affair on so many levels.  Of course, this outfit with a cardigan will pass for suitable defense attorney gear.

But in the spirit of full disclosure - I had to retake this on Saturday morning when I was feeling way less tragic.  Day Twenty-Nine it was; Thursday it indeed was not.  I added a little cranberry-orange kick to this outfit with the jewelry and lipstick.  Black and white can always use a little help.

Blouse: Express / Sweater: J.Crew / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Sole Society

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Nine
Paloma says...

So yeah, I am working from home again today, and snapped this pic in the depths of my backyard under an avocado tree next to dusty unused patio furniture.  And yeah, in reality I wore yoga pants and a sweatshirt from K-mart (don't judge - it's freakishly comfy) for most of the day. 

But I did honestly wear this outfit today.  I wore it to drop my kids off at their respective day cares, drive to work, walk into my office, realize I had left a bunch of very important notes that I needed in order to get my work done today at home, pack up my laptop, and drive home.  Oh, and snap this pic.

Oh, by the way, have I mentioned that tomorrow is the last day of the 30 for 30 challenge???  HUZZAH.