Uniform Chic

Black and whiting it again, and channeling some kind of service industry vibe today...

Blouse: Express / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Target / Cardigan: The Limited / Earrings: J.Crew Factory

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Four
Paloma says...

I was going to wear this outfit with my red pencil skirt, but it was so darn chilly out this morning that I couldn't imagine being bare-legged.  So black pants it was.

Normally I avoid the white blouse/black pants combo like the plague, since it causes flashbacks to my days as a server at the Olive Garden.  However, the "OG" uniform certainly didn't include nude heels, skinny pants, and a mustard cardigan.  It did include a men's white shirt tucked in to flared black pants, sensible black shoes, and a tie.  Oh, and an apron.  Sooo hopefully I won't be mistaken for someone who is going to refill your never-ending breadstick basket.

Blouse: I.Madeline / Skirt: Banana Republic / Shoes: Michael Kors / Trench: Plenty by Tracy Reese / Bag: Mulberry

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Four
Karen says...

Not sure who or what I'm mad-dogging here.  I mean, not every photo can be wind blowing through hair, loving life.  (And really, they are not.)

This is the black shirt with the white schoolgirl collar.  I loved it so much when I bought it and now I sort of feel like it has the vibe of a maid's uniform.  (Or - an Olive Garden server?)  Here it is paired with the ladylike cream skirt and a new trench coat from Anthropologie.  I went on a coat-buying spree recently and regretted it, but since the temperature went below 70 this week (unheard of!), I'm all about it now.