That's A Wrap!

Free at last.  From wearing the same thirty items!  Free at last, and other victorious platitudes.

Shirt: Old Navy / Cardigan: The Limited / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Target / Earrings: J.Crew Factory / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day THIRTY!
Paloma says...

WE MADE IT.  Holy hell, I am happy this is over.

So many things to say about this challenge - it was equal parts love and hate for me.  But as I've said before, it was ultimately a great experience.  First, I learned the oh-so-important lesson of really using the clothes I've got.  Second, I have a whole new appreciation for my closet! Seriously, this should nip my shopping addiction in the bud, at least temporarily, because my closet feels so full at the moment - so many possibilities. I can't wait for Monday!

Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: J.Crew Super 120s / Shoes: Julianne Hough for Sole Society / Bag: Mulberry

30 for 30: Day Thirty
Karen says...

I would've liked to end the challenge more ceremoniously, like with some amazeballs outfit, but Thursday and Friday kicked my ass so much that I felt triumphant just sticking to the rules.  I had court on Friday morning, so I could not fete the end of this journey with anything more interesting than suiting basics.  But I made sure to use some go-to-hell colors - like three shades of blue.  Ha.

So... everything Paloma said, above.  I don't want to wear any of these thirty items again, like maybe forever, but I have to admit the utility of something if you just think about it.  I shopped here and there, couldn't really fight nature on that in the last thirty days, but I do realize I don't even need to shop.  I mean, we knew that already, right.  But there is plenty to work with in my closet.  And I could probably make do with something like sixty for sixty.  Or ninety for ninety.  OK, that doesn't even make sense.  

Cheers to my fellow Nine-Thirty to Fiver, we made it!  Woot!

(collage to follow)