Tea Time

Afternoon tea time in our ladylike lawyer best.

Top: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Michael Kors / Pearls: Principessa Venice / Bag: Mulberry

30 for 30: Day Nineteen
Karen says...

I was starting to super hate this skirt, but then in this photo, I'm like, oh, I guess there were many more ways I could wear this, when forced to.  Prior to this, as has been happening all year, it was paired with pink and red.  Any solid works, naturally.

I was so going to throw a big daddy statement necklace over the sweater, but it looked a little loud for the office.  Must use statement necklaces sparingly, I have realized.

As always, coffee with Paloma was a sheer delight.  We stand on the street corner and gab like conversation-starved sorority girls while swinging our leather handbags around.  It's the best.

Dress: Zara / Blazer: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

30 for 30: Day Nineteen
Paloma says...

Grumble, grumble, grumble.... 30 for 30....grumble .... clothes... grumble.

So it's Day 19 which means we are totally in the home stretch and I am only wearing this green dress for the second time in the challenge.  I adore this dress, and actually the 30x30 is making me love it more. So that's good news.

I've actually started to daydream about non 30x30 outfits.  It doesn't help that I just pulled the trigger on some gorgeous new red shoes! (I picked these ones, if you're interested).

Also got to see my beloved Karen today, so that was another bit of good news. I personally think she is rocking her outfit today, and I would kill to look as cute as she does in that skirt.


  1. Man, you guys are both kicking it up a notch these days! Seriously, it's like every day you have both been delivering. I'm loving the professional attire, with a touch of whimsy. The photos also look great lately! Every day's look has been inspirational and you both look like you are having fun. It's like you're both saying "You really can have it all!"

  2. We CAN and we will have it all!
    Funny you say you like our outfits lately, because we've been doing this challenge of only using 30 items of clothes/shoes for 30 days, which means we've both been working with a very limited wardrobe. Its funny though because I think it forces us to be more creative. Particularly with accessories, which obvs you love. ;)


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