Day to Night

Ever enjoying the freedom of wearing... whatever!  In outfits today that could double for after-work looks.

Blouse: Express / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Sole Society / Earrings: J.Crew Factory

Paloma says...

Guess we are both feeling in a bit of an all black mood lately.  I have actually wanted to wear this outfit for awhile - ever since I saw this pin.  All I needed was the perfect black blouse and the perfect red shoes. Since they are now mine, I was finally able to do it.  I seriously feel so comfortable in this outfit - what a relief after yesterday's too-tight skirt debacle. 

Dress: Club Monaco / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Mulberry

Karen says...

This is a dress I purchased last Thursday, while stuck in Orange County waiting for traffic to sort itself out.  Good ol' South Coast Plaza had a good ol' Club Monaco - which had a good ol' sale.  Fantasizing ahead to the days of wearing However Many For Whenever, I rewarded myself for the long day of lawyering with this dress.  And I kinda love it.

Had purchased the heels at Zara a couple of weeks back for a work party, and now they can just be nice black work shoes.  I had some jewelry on earlier in the day, but by the time I wound up at this bar association mixer, I wasn't much in the mood for any bells and whistles.