All By Myselfies

No opportunity for a luxury coffee break today, so it's back to office selfies.

Dress: Ted Baker / Sweater: Rag & Bone / Tights: xhilaration / Boots: Rock and Candy by ZiGi

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Five
Karen says...

I am cheating.

I am wearing the Ted Baker dressed authorized by the 30 x 30 challenge, however, my shoes are boots not a part of the polyvore.  But I just couldn't wear heels on a Friday, and I just couldn't wear my brown Jeffrey Campbells with a black dress.  Other than this cheat, I think this dress works really well with a grandpa cardigan, tights, and boots.  Five more days of playing by the rules - and I will make it work, OK?!  

Shirt: Forever 21 / Cardigan: J.Crew / Pants: Target / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Five
Paloma says...

My attitude about this challenge certainly ebbs and flows.  Today it was "I really just don't even care anymore - I'm just going to grab some things and put them on, I am so over it." I guess that's what happens when you've only got a few days left. 

That said, Karen and I talked yesterday about the things we do like about this challenge, and agreed that we would do it again. Sometime in the future - the distant future. But the fact is that forcing yourself to only wear certain things really does allow you to look at what you've got in a new way.

Anyway, here I am recycling the striped top/leopard shoes idea that I busted out early in the challenge. I love it!