30 For 30: The Roundup

Here we go - all 30 of each of our looks in two handy little collages.  It's kind of fun to see it this way - mostly because it's amazing to see how different each look is!

Paloma's 30 For 30

Paloma says...

I am very happy with my 30 looks.  But I think my favorite is the purple skirt/gray sweater combo (#16 in the collage).  So simple yet so chic.  My least favorite?  The floral blouse/gray pencil skirt/yellow cardigan (#24 on the collage)... so not flattering. 

Karen's 30 For 30

Karen says...

I'm surprised I was able to do this.  I hate that blue shirt and never want to wear it again.  Other than that, these were all sensible picks that surprisingly, I could do a lot with.  I think my favorite look is the black dress with the little cardy and bright necklace, on the day I got Blanka from Street Fighter II hair.  It was just a simple and flattering look that I put together out of necessity.  A close second would be the white peplum with black peg pants.  The addition of the green necklace made me feel pretty all day.


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