Unlikely Sources

Our outfit inspirations range from Pinterest to... supermarkets.

Dress: Threads 4 Thought / Shoes: Dolcetta x Dolce Vita

Karen says...

A huge sigh of relief that I can continue Casual August with an in-office day.  This dress, of all things, was purchased at Whole Foods.  You know, the section where they have soaps, TOMS, and yoga clothes.  They happen to have a bunch of Threads 4 Thought dresses there, and I picked one up one weekend when I was just in the mood a long whatever dress.  I'll pay $38 for a dress, but I won't pay that for the pound of South American single origin coffee beans in the next aisle.

The dress has actually been a moderate hit here, one of the (female) partners keeps complimenting on it as I go up and down the hall.  (And in particular, she likes the boots.)  I do not dare tell her I got it at the supermarket.  It doesn't look as casual as it does in the photo (though, certainly, casual for office wear), and has a subtle high-low detail.  Anyway, it isn't the last time I'll pick up a maxi from Whole Foods.  From my extensive maxi dress research this summer, they average $50-100.  When can you ever say you found something for less at Whole Foods?

Top: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Target / Necklace: gift from my mom (more NM turquoise, love!)

Paloma says...

Another day, another Pinterest-inspired outfit.  And more yellow!  Today, I vaguely copied this look... basically just borrowing the concept of yellow pencil skirt, striped top, and turquoise jewelry.  But I honestly don't think I would have ever put this combo together without seeing that photo.  Again, Pinterest for the win!