Ultimate Casual Friday

Paloma is out and about today, taking meetings in far off places.  But it appears she was able to snap a perfunctory shot to prove our commitment to blog consistency, and having obvious work-life balance.

Both of our photos today look like something out of The Wonder Years.

Tee: Target / Jeans: LOFT / Flipflops: Old Navy

Paloma says...

Yea there really is nothing to say about this outfit except that it represents my commitment to the blog and the effort of cataloging what we wear everyday.  It does NOT represent what I think to be fashionable.  I mean - jeans and a gray t-shirt with flip-flops is the furthest thing from groundbreaking.  It's also the furthest thing from work wear, and is actually NOT what I wore today for work. 
All morning I was in lovely Barstow, California (a teeny desert town in between LA and Vegas) doing witness interviews in a back conference room.  Not glamorous.  Anyway, for the interviews I wore these jeans but had on a short sleeve sweater, some pearls, a blazer, and heels. 
I was home by 2pm and did some work from home through the rest of the afternoon in this lovely ensemble.  I completely forgot about getting a pic until I was dashing off to the park to meet my husband and older daughter for some late afternoon sliding and swinging.  This pic was taken in my front yard with my phone propped up on my car window.  Again - not glamorous.  But honest. 

Jumpsuit: Coincidence & Chance x Urban Outfitters / Wedges: TOMS

Karen says...

Sorry for all these pictures of office doors.  I had to do another Incredibooth selfie because you only feel so comfortable constantly asking co-workers to snap a shot of your outfit.

This jumpsuit was like, the best $20 I ever spent.  Then getting one in white, the two jumpsuits were like, the best $40 I ever spent.  I mean, I feel guilty wearing them because I have the distinct feeling I'm running around in my pajamas.  But they are flattering and versatile, and really it's just another kind of maxi dress.  So they're perfect, and today is Friday, so I love today.

I started the mat workout for the Tracy Anderson Method yesterday.  I chose this because: 
(1) I am going to Vegas in two weeks;
(2) I don't want to get Insanity-style buff; and
(3) I don't want to get Jillian Michaels-style shredded, and this was the #3 option according to Amazon.
Two interesting observations from the DVD:
(1) She unashamedly references the obviously universal preference for women to achieve "tiny dancer bodies"; and
(2) Gwyneth Paltrow gushes out her testimonial, while using the words "crazily sore," which I guess is OK because she's, you know, Gwyneth Paltrow.
We'll see how this goes.  Or if I can even do it two days in a row.