Shopping Hiatus

It's official - our closets are overflowing with clothing miscellany as a result of binge shopping, retail therapy, summer sales, and keeping up with the bloggers.  This insanity has got to stop.

Cardigan: The Limited / Tank: Wet Seal / Skirt: Forever 21 (Love21) 
Belt: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Diego di Lucca

Paloma says...

Been feeling uninspired by my closet lately, which usually leads to shopping binges.  However, I am trying very hard to see how long I can go without buying a single clothing item (if I make it a month it will be a miracle), so am looking for inspiration for how to use the clothes I've already got in any way I can.  I've actually been surprised by the combinations of pieces I already own that I've never even thought of. 

Today I copied this recently-pinned outfit, but did a summer version, without the tights.  I've always been wary of wearing black and yellow together (bumblebee), but I actually love how this looks (never mind my grumpy face).  Huzzah! Success!!

In other news, this is my new (albeit temporary) office, as I await my permanent office which is undergoing a remodel.  My new office is sadly lacking in nice furniture but makes up for it with much better lighting.  Still a grainy selfie, but at least its a well-lit one!

Shirt: Madewell / Cardigan: Classiques Entier / Shorts: Ellison / Necklace: Libby London
Shoes: Michael Kors / Clutch: Clare Vivier / Sunglasses: Christian Dior

Karen says...

Boo for blurry!  But Jamie snapped this as hobos and commuters whisked by, as I blocked the point of ingress for the 7th Street Metro stop.

It's true - I've also been trying to curb the retail habit.  Honestly, all the slim felt hangers in the world cannot support me now.  It's constant clothes-bomb in my bedroom, and I no longer have mental stock of what I have.  I never thought I'd say this, but yes, it's true, you can have too much of a good thing.

Like Paloma, I want to see what I can whip together with just what I have.  Casual August remains the perfect forum for it.  These shorts are from Cynthia's recent closet purge.  I don't think even the liberal standards of Casual August allow for shorts, but these are silk shorts that fall like a skirt, so - you know, the hell with it.  Also, if I could do statement necklace + tee shirt every day (for as long as I'm into it), I'd be so happy.

Interesting note - used the Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo on my hair this morning to bring back some of the ombre, and it worked.  It's meant to take out brassiness and revive color, another good tip in between pricey visits to the stylist.  Can cut the shopping, but can't cut him out, Lord God no.