Love Pencil Skirts

Even if they are unforgiving reminders when we're not feeling our best.

Top: Forever 21 / Cardigan: LOFT / Skirt: J.Crew / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Paloma says...

After a flurry of motion-writing last week, I have a shockingly small amount on my plate this week.  You would think it would feel good to have a smaller workload, but instead I start to get restless.  Seems I am never satisfied.

Speaking of not being satisfied, I feel terrible in this outfit.  It photographed fine, but I think I've put on a few lbs, so this skirt is not fitting me as well as I would like.  Nothing worse than wearing something that doesn't fit right all day - just makes you feel crappy.

Anyway, aren't I a barrel of laughs today?  Sheesh.

Tank: Hinge / Cardigan: Vintage / Skirt: L'Agence / Shoes: The Limited

Karen says...

I was in the office this morning at an uncharacteristic 6:23 a.m.  This means I sort of dressed in a haze, haphazardly yanking things out of my closet at 5:00 a.m.  I wanted to look nice for a client meeting, but didn't want to wear anything too bland since it is Casual August.  (When can I take advantage of it for real?)  Got through the work day but had to call it in before 5:00 - just a leeetle too tired - and by the time I got home, I got around to taking this on Incredibooth.

Picture came out OK, if blurry, but I echo Paloma's sentiments - I could stand to shed a few ell-bees if I am to fit my clothes perfectly.  Maybe I've gone to one too many barbecues already.

Yes, that's right.  That's Ina Garten on the telly.