Monday, August 26, 2013

Just Add Cardigan

It's Monday.  Time for plain shirts and the add-on cardigan.

Tank: T by Alexander Wang / Cardigan: moda international x Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Current/Elliott / Shoes: Banana Republic

Karen says...

Slouchy and casual in every way, squeezing every last drop that I can out of Casual August.  I call this look, "Back in comfy jeans after a weekend of looking like a tramp in Vegas."  OK, not quite true - I didn't wear anything close to some of the shambolic getups I saw lined up in front of Hakkasan, Marquee, and Light - but I will say, I didn't exactly dress for comfort over the weekend.  This outfit says, Vegas be gone!

Couldn't get the exact photo I wanted, since I conscripted another co-worker to hastily snap this (absolutely no shame anymore), but, it's accurate enough.  Boyfriend jeans, loose tank.  That's all I wanted to wear, but had to add on the tissue-thin cardigan for the office.  Blah.

T-shirt: Target / Pants: GAP / Shoes: Jones New York / Cardigan: Target / Earrings: Forever 21

Paloma says...

I am becoming a very reluctant blogger.  Been busy lately, so that is a large part of it, but man oh man, I just do not care about my clothes lately.  Hence, the black pants-white t-shirt I've got going on today.  Could I get more boring?  Yes, I could.  I actually threw the cardigan on for the pic. In reality I am wearing just the black and white today.  Snore.

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