Hints of Fall

Not to be all Negative Nancy about it (or "Negator," as our pal Jamie likes to say), but this summer is going by way too fast, and it frickin' feels like fall already.  Once again, we both got the memo as we wore our warmer, amber shades.

Top: Stacia / Jeans: Mother / Bag: Madewell / Wedges: TOMS

Karen says...

August 6, and this is the first day I truly feel that I am capitalizing on Casual August.  It feels awesome to wear jeans and wedges to work.  Awesome.

This is a top that is at the top of my Donate list.  I bought it in 2006 at a now-defunct boutique in West Hollywood.  Off the sale rack, and still overpriced.  An interesting knit, faux Missoni kinda top.  Every time I do a sweep, I look at this top, then hem, then haw.  And then it goes back into the One More Try pile.

Glad this top has its nine lives, because a partner on my team complimented it today.  Reminds me to hold on those tops I don't obviously love, but have some kind of je ne sais quois quality.  It's nice to leave a few unpredictable things in your closet.

Cardigan: Old Navy / Shirt: LOFT / Skirt: Merona x Target / Heels: Mossimo x Target

Paloma says...

Well, I'm not a huge fan of my pose today, but my outfit is a classic go-to look that never fails.  Gray tee, black pencil skirt, nude shoes.  All basic, all lovely.  Top it off with a pendant necklace and it looks sorta pulled together, even.  

Its been a weirdly cool August and I, for one, am loving it.  Any opportunity to pull out my cozy soft sweaters is good by me.