Rainy Grays

Nobody can make sense of this weather, and everyone seems to have mixed feelings about it.  It's unseasonally humid for LA: the plus side of very comfortable high-70's, the down side of very dreary skies.  So, we dressed for it.

Kimono Shell: hinge / Top: Banana Republic / Skirt: Bebe / Strappy Sandals: Classiques Entier
Necklace: Heavenly Couture

Karen says...

I've been trying to wear this top for months; maybe even years.  It was an impulse purchase at Nordstrom on a spring-to-summer day, and I wanted to wear this as a casual, gossamer shell for everything from work to a farmers market.  What ended up happening was that it seemed to match nothing, article- and occasion-wise.

Pulled it out a couple of days ago and planned it for the week.  Solution?  Just wear it with some fitted black.  Et voila.  Happier still that I'm wearing it on a day where Paloma is wearing a similar scheme!

Shirt: Mossimo for Target (great shirt - buy it in every color if you can!)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Nine West (here in black) / Earrings: J.Crew Factory

Paloma says...

There's nothing quite as uncomfortable as a too-small pencil skirt.  Especially when you walk four blocks in said pencil skirt.  So not chic.  However, there is also nothing quite as motivating - after looking at the pics that Karen took of me, I immediately proclaimed that today is the day I stop eating whatever I want and start exercising more frequently.  

Either that or start wearing a muumuu.


  1. Paloma you are CRAZY! You look as svelte as ever!

  2. Thanks magda! But this pic is an illusion as I was standing in a particular way to avoid looking like a stuffed sausage. And really its not about how i look but how i FEEL. Feeling like stuffed sausage = no bueno.


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