Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Double Duty

Another day of furious activity!  

Top: Express / Skirt: Kohls / Shoes: Calvin Klein via DSW / Necklace: Target

Paloma says...

All I have time to say today is that this outfit is comfortable.  Til tomorrow!

Dress: xhilaration / Boots: Vince Camuto / Tote: Madewell / Sunglasses: Vintage Christian Dior

Karen says...

I didn't think I'd get a photo in today, but a series of events occurring over two hours completely changed the course of the day.  I spent all day whipping up a motion to be presented in court tomorrow.  Round 3:30, my friend Cyn asked if I could make a 5:30 casting call.  Now, I am not successful in this arena by any means - but maybe once a year, they're looking for "thirtysomething lawyers" or "Asian with long hair" or whatever, and it's a fit for submission.  Problem was, I didn't have any casual clothes.  So, as I was putting the finishing touches on my no doubt brilliant motion, the plans for the rest of the evening started taking shape.

Motion done.  Cue Target.  Found this dress in under 10 minutes, sort of fell in love with it for the whimsical Carrie-Marilyn aspect.  $25 a steal.  Chambray shirt and slouchy boots in the trunk?  Check.  Casual outfit, done.  Take surface streets to West Hollywood, done.  30 minutes at the call, check.  Chat with college friend who is also at the call because he fits the bill (it was a Chinese thing, apparently).  As I'm only a couple of blocks away from Cyn, I head over to her place, where we can debrief about the call, and this NYU photography major can snap these shots for me.

There really is a little something extra here - it took 3 minutes to get these shots, a bit of her finding the right background, giving specific instructions, finding the right angles, click, click, click.

So, this outfit is a cheat.  I didn't wear it to work.  But you know, it was just stuff you saw before.  Haha.

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