Blocking Brights

Absolutely in a summer color blocking state of mind today.

Heels: Aldo / Pants: ASOS / Silk Tank: J. Crew / Clutch: Clare Vivier

Karen says...

Today's lunch was a happy coincidence of many things: good company (Paloma and two co-workers), a stylish power lunch spot (Daily Grill), perfect weather (80's), coordinated outfits (see this post), and even a coordinated backdrop (The Standard wall).

I've been trying to do more with pants, which I'm so disinclined towards.  This is what happens when you're a shorty with narrow hips and a mini-badonka.  Pants never fit me quite right and I hate squirming in them all day at the office.  But these peg pants are a look I like, and hope to master.

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Filter: Retro Camera Little Orange Box

Also, the Emma sunglasses at Urban Outfitters are your perfect summer shades.  Every girl who sees them clutches at them and tries them on.  Which is what happened today with Paloma, who happened to look fabulous in them.

Cardigan: Old Navy / Camisole: Old Navy / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Pumps: Target

Paloma says...

Serious color overload today!  I love it.  This skirt was a recent purchase from J.Crew Factory, as were the earrings (they had a 50% off everything sale, I quite literally could not help myself), and I am so very pleased with both!  I honestly think J.Crew Factory might be my new favorite store.  It's like a smaller selection of items than J.Crew at a much lower price point, but still the same quality (as far as I can tell thus far).  Winning!

Filter: Retro Camera Little Orange Box

 I got this skirt in three (!!!) different colors.  Had a bit of a hard time trying to decide what to pair with this cobalt blue, and really didn't want to do something boring like black or white.  What I would have loved was to wear a slouchy heather gray t-shirt but somehow that didn't feel work appropriate enough.  So, went with a gray cardigan instead, worn with a purple patterned camisole from a zillion years ago (bought it in law school to wear under suits for interviews).  And of course I wore the nude pumps from Target.  I really have a hard time not wearing them every day.  May be my fave Target purchase ever.  Again - winning!

Earrings: J.Crew Factory