Getting caught up post-the most amazing holiday weekend ever!

Drape Vest: EcoteUrban Outfitters / Tank: Forever 21 (worn inside out)

Karen says...

I hate corny holidays, like, oh, let's all go pile up at the marina and watch fireworks, and force ourselves to eat poorly cooked dogs and burgers.  But I am a huge fan of the weekend getaway, and if takes a corny holiday to get set up, let's do this.

This Fourth was spent wonderfully in my beloved Palm Springs, at a sprawling desert oasis offering every manner of rest and relaxation.  Of course, the fashion possibilities are endless.  If only for the opportunity to dress thematically.

Romper: xhilaration x Target (bikini underneath) / Wedges: TOMS
Straw Floppy Hat: Nordstrom / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

I packed up all of my very best Urban Outfitters and Target summer goodies, and they were oh-so-perfect for dry heat and pool parties.  Had a couple maxis and cover-ups in there, as well.  I wish I could have photographed everything, but we don't need this vanity project to get even more out of hand.

Mo's Ribs Tee: my sis / Striped tank: Old Navy / Earrings: shop in Las Cruces, NM / Headband: Hobby Lobby

Paloma says...

Fourth of July is my new favorite holiday.  I've always liked the idea of it since it's a random summer day off (and who wouldn't like that?), but I have a newfound love for it since my second daughter was born on July 4th last year.  We always go to my mom and stepdad's house in Santa Fe for the 4th, and did the same this year, but somehow celebrating my little Vera's first birthday just made the whole thing feel more festive and fun.  Also, realizing that I will be celebrating a birthday every 4th of July for the rest of my life makes it pretty cool.  And who doesn't love dressing a toddler up for the 4th?  She will wear a lot of red, white, and blue, this girl.

Cut-off Shorts: my brother Drew's (pictured) old Levi's

As for me?  I spent the weekend mostly in cut-offs and tank tops.  This particular outfit is the only one that was photographed all weekend - my sister had these "Mo's Ribs" shirts made for all the family members to wear in honor of my stepdad's long gone BBQ restaurant.  Not exactly fashion-forward, but cute and sentimental, which is really all that matters when you are spending the day drinking wine in the grass, eating popsicles, and going down a slip 'n slide fully-clothed (regretted doing that, oh yes I did).