Woe Are We

What a perfect day for a photo, except when one is stuck in the world's worst deposition.

Karen says...

And that person is me.  Ahh, Fridays, carrying so much potential for an easy breezy work day, perhaps lunch with your co-blogger, a couple of self-serving shots of your bright Friday outfit.  So obviously none of this happened.

Instead, I was stuck in a windowless conference room for some seven hours trying to deconstruct the mind-bending testimony of a clearly malingering, definitely lying witness, and her even more depraved counsel.  Tough words, but hey, I'm not naming names.  Just another day in the salt mines.

This outfit had some great photographic potential, but at the end of the day in a deserted, unlit office - taken by my pal, our utilities guy Jim ("Paloma and I exchange pictures of our outfits!") - it leaves a little to be desired.  Should really be seen without the wrap shirt, but I had to keep it professional...

I am wearing...

Ella Moss tank
Division E wrap shirt
Bebe tube skirt
Julianne Hough for Sole Society Giselle in Clair Mint (new shoes, yay!)

Paloma says...

So bummed that Karen and I couldn't coordinate a photo session today, because I was very pleased with my outfit.  And then, despite numerous attempts, I just could not get a decent selfie.  So.  Here we are with me and my grumpy face.  Terrible, terrible.

Love this Forever 21 top, and psyched to bust out these heels after about two years of not wearing them - not much to say, other than that.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 floral top
LOFT flare jeans
H&M belt
BCBGirls strappy heels

Accessories (barely pictured):
Coral cluster earrings from The Oxford Trunk