Sick Day

... for Paloma, whose under the weatherness has put her out of commission for the day.

Karen says...

Lunch at Uncle John's today, a bizarre little greasy spoon-Chinese fast food joint annexed to the side of the Stillwell Hotel.  At Uncle John's, you can get American breakfast, but you can also have a comforting bowl of wonton soup, or in my case, a spicy fried pork chop.  Delicious, and with wonderful company laughing it up with my pal Pedram.

Not very visible here, but the shoes are my Sole Society Brooklyns.  I was pleased that my pants fell perfectly over a higher than usual heel.  It feels awful when your pants are a half inch too high.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 fuschia blouse
Beyond Vintage lace-sleeve cardigan
H&M grey slacks
Sole Society Brooklyn pumps in blurred leather

Ho hum today!