Hump Day Hodgepodge

Just some outfits to get through the week...

Paloma says...

This shirt is way blousier and way more neon than it looks online.  This is what happens when you do most of your shopping via internet (as becomes necessary when you work full time and have two small kiddos)...  you often end up with stuff that is not quite as you pictured it.  And, 9 times out of 10, you keep it anyway, because the hassle of returning it isn't worth it.  Sometimes though, the piece ends up cuter than you expected.  And sometimes what you initially thought you hated, you learn to love.

I would probably never ever have picked up this shirt if I had passed it on the rack.  But, I ordered it and now I own it, and though it's definitely bright and blousy, it's also lovely.  It is more well-suited to weekends, however, over a pair of skinny jeans or cut-offs.  Live 'n learn, people.  Live 'n learn.

Wow, that was just a lot of rambling, no?

I am wearing...

GAP Printed A-line pocket top in "tie dye"
GAP Modern Boot pants in black
GAP metallic leather belt
The Limited gray cardigan
Mossimo x Target Pearce patent pump

Forever 21 rhinestone cluster necklace

Karen says...

New do, new shoes.  Same shoes from Friday, but still new.  This is after the employment team meeting and then after the employment team happy hour, so pardon the look of drink in me.  The colors don't come out as much in the flash effect, but you know, I was all summery and stuff.

I am wearing...

French Connection nude tank
Barneys Co-Op cropped lace apricot cardigan
H&M black and white color block skirt
Julianne Hough for Sole Society Giselle in Clair Mint

Target pearl bracelet with rhinestone detail
Banana Republic leather tote (just a work bag these days, I guess)

I promise to look more polished tomorrow.  This was a good outfit, it just sucks at 7:00 pm on the street after a couple of glasses of wine.  Woot!