Cooped Up

As the week winds to a close - hooray! - we have typically busy Thursdays that keep us indoors.

Paloma says...

I wore this exact outfit somewhat recently, but it didn't make it onto the blog since it was one of those too-busy-to-breathe-let-alone-blog days back in April.  Anyway, here it is.  Nothing remarkable.  In fact, this is totally one of those no-brainer, gotta-look-professional-without-thinking-about-it outfits.  This morning was chaotic as all hell so I reached for the things that I knew would look halfway pulled together, without much effort.  Ta-da!  Too bad the horrid quality of my selfie is ruining the look.

I am wearing...

The Limited blouse
LOFT pencil skirt
Nine West patent nude wedges

Delicate hoop earrings (bridesmaid gift from my sister)

Karen says...

Who says I don't live the high life, when I can pose in a tiny conference room with a massive crane in the background?  Once again, a semi-unwilling co-worker was coerced into taking this.

Today is my turn to wear the asymmetrical red skirt!  Seeing Paloma's picks for today, I find it amusing that I have more or less the same articles in my closet now... Limited, Loft, Nine West... the transformation of Single Asian Female is slowly becoming complete...

Other than that, am dressing for double duty today as I'm heading straight to the movies after work.  Thus, the back-baring tank hidden behind a white cardigan all day.  

I am wearing...

Banana Republic navy tank with crochet back detail
L'Agence asymmetrical pencil skirt
Penguin white cardigan with navy piping
Classiques Entier sandals in beige