All Signs Point Southwest

Karen says...

By sheer coincidence (again!) we were both headed southwest for the weekend.  Of course, one of us was able to get a picture... the other must have been traveling with two kids, or something.  But that's why we have #latergrams.

Here's the burden of being friends with me: you never know when you will be called upon to snap an achingly artistic photo of me in an open field.  I subjected my friend Paige to such an event upon almost immediate arrival in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Oh boy, those Denver skies.  The entire weekend was warm and scenic, perfect for bright sundresses.

I am wearing...

xhilaration x Target sundress
Vintage floral cardigan (clutched)
TOMS Sierra strappy wedges

Vintage straw woven clutch
Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses

And hopefully we'll be able to see what Paloma was wearing in New Mexico...