A Target Habit Kind of Thing

When Target is on the next block, and you've been trying to create different outfits for 123 days straight (actual figure), it's no surprise we are wearing something tar-zhay almost daily.

White blazer: Zara / Blouse: ASTR / Tube skirt: Bebe / Strappy sandals: kate spade
Karen says...

This is a wall space by our awesome (cough) office cafeteria.  Two employees were idly watching CNN in there, so my semi-willing co-worker had to snap it fast.  I need to talk to him about learning to hold a camera phone still.

We're starting a heat wave around here, but I kept the jacket on for most of the day.  Damn over-air-conditioned offices.

Oh, and here is a $12.99 bracelet I scooped up from Target yesterday.  I adore it.

Faux pearl and rhinestone bracelet: Target

T-shirt: Target (similar) / Skirt: BCBG / Heels: Target / Necklace: Target
Paloma says...

Entirely unremarkable outfit today that I spent approximately 2.5 seconds putting together. I was in a rush this morning and not in the mood for creating a carefully curated blog-worthy ensemble. Sorry, beloved internets.

This skirt is comfy, this shirt is reliably work-ish, and I reach for these shoes every day and have to restrain myself from always wearing them. Oh, and this necklace was a super random target.com purchase that I am very happy about. Damn I love that place.

Today in LA: Hi 90 Lo 66 Humidity 56% (pretty much perfect!)